The Small Print

Production & Delivery Time

All GreenAgric Greenhouse Tunnels are made to order for each Customer ... and production takes 20 full working days ... plus a week for delivery ...

Subject to whatever challenges we encounter like loadshedding, pandemics, lockdowns, riots, strikes, road blockages, unrest, criminal activity, adverse weather conditions etc etc ...

Recently we have been affected by the exceptional adverse weather conditions, blockades of major road freight routes by striking truck drivers and ongoing loadshedding ...

Please Be Patient ... the Very Best Value for Money Greenhouse Tunnels are really worth waiting for ...

The GreenAgric Group

GreenAgric is Trilingual

The GreenAgric Group is trilingual in English, Afrikaans and IsiZulu ... Please feel free to communicate with us in your preferred language

Die GreenAgric Groep is meertalig in Afrikaans, Engels en IsiZulu ... Komunikeer gerus met ons in die Taal van u keuse

IGreenAgric Group izilimi ezintathu ngesiNgisi, isiBhunu kanye nesiZulu ... Sicela ukhululeke ukuxhumana nathi ngolimi oluncamelayo

The Consumer Protection Act

Consumers are afforded a cooling-off period of five business days to rescind the sale ...

Consumers have the right to return defective goods, at their own cost, and request a full refund for such goods, provided this is done within a six month period after the delivery of the goods.

Furthermore Consumers are allowed, subject to a reasonable cancellation charge, to cancel the sale, subject to certain limitations.

Consumers right to lodge complaints ...
The Equality Court has jurisdiction in respect of alleged contraventions.
Proceedings may be instituted before an Equality Court.
Consumer complaints may be filed with the National Consumer Commission, the latter of which is required to refer such complaints to the Equality Court, if they appear to be valid. 

Suppliers have the right to charge consumers for loss or damage of goods, if this resulted from gross negligence, recklessness or deliberate actions.

Suppliers are entitled to impose a reasonable charge for the cancellation of orders.

Desist from making any inflamatory & derogatory statements

Under the laws in South Africa, it is unlawful for an individual to make deliberate derogatory statements that intend to harm a person’s personal and business reputation.

Defamatory statements include, but are not limited to, postings on Social Media and communication with other individuals.

Customers have the right in terms of the Consumer Protection Act, to channel any factual grievences that you may have to the Consumer Ombudsman or to your personal attorney.

Your personal data, your options, our responsibility

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General Enquiries for Information Only

General Enquiries for information only, are chargeable at a pre-payment rate of R150.00 per hour or part thereof ...