Pre-Qualify Yourself as a Buyer

Pre-qualify Yourself as a Genuine Immediate Buyer of GreenAgric Greenhouse Tunnels ...
and receive a Discount of 30% on your purchase ...

To answer all the questions, you will first need to click on this link and read all about GreenAgric's vast range of Greenhouse Tunnels

° What range of GreenAgric Greenhouse Tunnels will be best for your specific needs ?
° What size tunnels ?
Length x Width x Height
° How many tunnels ?
° What exactly are your specific requirements ?
What usage ?
What crops ?
° When exactly do you wish to purchase ?
° How long have you been looking to purchase a Greenhouse Tunnel ?
° Have you been growing your own food ?
How ?
° How is a GreenAgric Greenhouse Tunnel going to help you ?
° Do you have the finance to purchase immediately ?
° Are you the final decision maker ?
° Are you an Immediate Serious Buyer ?
° What is your first name and surname ?
° What is your Postal Address ?
° What is the Installation Address ?
Please supply a Google Maps Pin
° What is your Cell Number ?
° Are you contactable via Social Media ?
WhatsApp ? ... Signal ? ... Telegram ?
° What is your email address ?
° What is your age ?
For those over 65, please supply proof of age
copy of ID, Drivers Licence Card, Sassa Card
as subsequent purchases may offer a Discount
° How exactly did you discover GreenAgric ?
Kindly supply as much detail as possible, as it will assist us in our marketing going forward

Copy and answer these Pre-Buyer Questions and send them to us via WhatsApp or Signal on 0723872293
or Telegram : @GreenAgric
or by Email :

We look forward to hearing from you soon ...
Kind regards
The GreenAgric Group

T&C's Apply ...
° 30% Discount Only Available on Immediate Purchases within 24 hours of submission ...
° All questions must be answered in full to qualify for the 30% Discount ...
° Excludes Eco Tunnels ...
° 30% Discount applicable to initial purchase only