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25 Aug 2021
GreenAgric's Low Cost 'Eco' Tunnels
GreenAgric's Low Cost 'Eco' Tunnels

Today's Featured Product & Discount Offer

GreenAgric's Low Cost 'Eco' Tunnels from ONLY R 4,990.00

Ideal for a Seedling or Starter Greenhouse and best installed in a partially shady area

5m x 5m x 2m and covered with 20% white or light grey Shade Cloth

Support Poles are Internally Reinforced Polyethylene

Ask us for a quote now ... T&C's apply

'Grow Your Own' Sustainable Organic Food Crops in GreenAgric Greenhouse Tunnels for Improved Health & Food Security

Only GreenAgric Offers ...

  • Free Delivery to most places on SA
  • Free Assistance with your DIY Tunnel Installations
  • Free Ongoing 'Best Help and Advice' for growing your own Organic Food Crops

GreenAgric are the Very Best Value for Money Tunnels in Southern Africa ...

GreenAgric Consulting provides 'Best Help and Advice' to both the farming community and home gardeners ...

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