GreenAgric is a Sustainable Organic Farming & Growing Consultancy for Greenhouse Tunnels, 'Best Help & Advice' & Agricultural Recruitment & GreenAgric's Farmacy

GreenAgric started in 2009 as a Global Web Based Business
GreenAgric started in 2009 as a Global Web Based Business

Our Mission

GreenAgric's Mission is to 'Get Back to Nature' by introducing Sustainable Organic Food Crops to both Domestic Growers and Farming Communities ...
or Food Security ... for Improved Health

The GreenAgric Group

About GreenAgric ...

GreenAgric started in 2009 as a Web Based Business, to educate both Home Growers and Farming Communities, of the tremendous benefits of Growing Sustainable Organic Food Crops ...

GreenAgric Tunnels offer a vast selection of Greenhouse Tunnels in which to germinate and grow your Sustainable Organic Food Crops ...

GreenAgric Consulting offers ongoing FREE Remote 'Best Help and Advice' to all our Customers ...
Non Customer General Enquiries Pre-Payment Rate Only R150.00 per hour or part thereof ...

GreenAgric Recruitment is a Specialist Agricultural and Allied Industries Consultantancy ...
Client Placement Rates Only 5% of First Year Annual Salary ...

GreenAgric is Global ...

Pre-Qualify Yourself as a Buyer

Pre-qualify Yourself as a Genuine Immediate Buyer of GreenAgric Greenhouse Tunnels ...
and receive a Discount of 30% on your purchase ...

To answer all the questions, you will first need to click on this link and read all about GreenAgric's vast range of Greenhouse Tunnels

° What range of GreenAgric Greenhouse Tunnels will be best for your specific needs ?
° What size tunnels ?
Length x Width x Height
° How many tunnels ?
° What exactly are your specific requirements ?
What usage ?
What crops ?
° When exactly do you wish to purchase ?
° How long have you been looking to purchase a Greenhouse Tunnel ?
° Have you been growing your own food ?
How ?
° How is a GreenAgric Greenhouse Tunnel going to help you ?
° Do you have the finance to purchase immediately ?
° Are you the final decision maker ?
° Are you an Immediate Serious Buyer ?
° What is your first name and surname ?
° What is your Postal Address ?
° What is the Installation Address ?
Please supply a Google Maps Pin
° What is your Cell Number ?
° Are you contactable via Social Media ?
WhatsApp ? ... Signal ? ... Telegram ?
° What is your email address ?
° What is your age ?
For those over 65, please supply proof of age
copy of ID, Drivers Licence Card, Sassa Card
as subsequent purchases may offer a Discount
° How exactly did you discover GreenAgric ?
Kindly supply as much detail as possible, as it will assist us in our marketing going forward

Copy and answer these Pre-Buyer Questions and send them to us via WhatsApp or Signal on 0723872293
or Telegram : @GreenAgric
or by Email :

We look forward to hearing from you soon ...
Kind regards
The GreenAgric Group

T&C's Apply ...
° 30% Discount Only Available on Immediate Purchases within 24 hours of submission ...
° All questions must be answered in full to qualify for the 30% Discount ...
° Excludes Eco Tunnels ...
° 30% Discount applicable to initial purchase only

27 Apr 2022
The Greta Effect
The Greta Effect

Rewards : 'Fame & Fortune'

Looking for South Africa's version ...
of the Greta Effect
Is that You or someone you know ? ...

Must have a Passion for Sustainable Farming and the Growing of No-Till Organic Food Crops

Someone who can take The GreenAgric Group to the next level and beyond ...

Rewards : 'Fame & Fortune'

Contact Pete Moore of ...
The GreenAgric Group
Email :
Available on WhatsApp & Signal on +27723872293
Telegram : @GreenAgric
Twitter : @GreenAgricThe
Open 7 to 7 - 7 days a week

Soek na Suid Afrka se GRETA EFEK
Is dit jy of iemand wat jy ken ?

Moet n Passie he vir die Volkome Voedsel Versekering manier van Boer en die Bewerking van Geen-Omspit Organiese Voedsel Produkte

Iemand wat die GreenAgric Groep na nuwe hoogtes en meer kan ly ...

Rewards : 'Fame and Fortune'

Kontak Pete Moore van die GreenAgric Groep by 
Email : 
Op WhatsApp & Signal by +27723872293
Telegram : @GreenAgric
Twitter : @GreenAgricThe 
Oop vanaf 7 - 7 - 7 dae n week

GreenAgric Affiliates

Investment Opportunity
Investment Opportunity

Investment Opportunity

The GreenAgric Group is looking for someone who is Passionate about Sustainable Agriculture and the Growing of No-Till Organic Food Crops to take over the ... 
GreenAgric Greenhouse Tunnel Division
and trade as an independent company, responsible for the manufacture and distribution of GreenAgric's vast range of tunnels ...

This division has been trading since 2013 and has created a well known brand in the South African grow tunnels niche market, servicing both the domestic and farming sectors ...

GreenAgric Greenhouse Tunnels is an existing stand alone ongoing business and comes with a 13 years old well established, well branded existing domain name of ...
email addresses, phone number and social media pages ... and a financial track record with a Positive Cash Flow and No Stock Investment - 'Zero' Overheads ...

Can be easily operated from home anywhere in South Africa ...

Continue daily trading of this up-and-running existing business from the day you take over the company ...

Contact Pete Moore on +27723872293
Available on WhatsApp and Signal on the same number
Telegram : @GreenAgric
Email :

Look forward to hearing from you ...